Cleaning Polish graves in Volhynia

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In 2015, the Cultural Heritage Foundation teamed up with Fundacja Niepodległości [the Independence Foundation] and organised an initiative entitled “The Cemeteries of Kresy. Let’s not Forget to Remember”, which brought together volunteers willing to clean Polish graves found in the area of Volhynia.

Everything started from the initiative of Fundacja Niepodległości – it initiated the project with a series of talks and promotional meetings where potential volunteers could learn about the project itself, about the planned trip, and about the nature of the work to be done. The initiative was supported by church, veterans’, private, and state organisations.The invitation to take part in the project was open to anyone wishing to learn more about the past and the present of Volhynia, and contribute to the preservation of the traces of Polish presence in that region.

The trip was scheduled for 8–24 August 2015.

The project involved taking care of Polish graves found in the areas of the following towns and villages: Kovel, Ostrówki, Maciejów, Lyuboml, Kupychiv, Zasmuky, Rozhyshche, Turiisk, Przebraże, Koszyszcze, Perevaly, Šums’k, Vyshnivets, Ostroh.The last of the above was given particular attention. The activities commenced in autumn 2015 will be continued as long as necessary.


The trip had also an educational effect. The volunteers took part in meetings and discussions, did some sightseeing in the area of Volhynia, met with the local Polish communities, and listened to fascinating stories about the places and people ofKresy[Eastern Borderlands].

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